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Portable storage consists of renting a Portable Storage Box that can be delivered to your home, filled with your items, and stored on your property until you no longer need the extra space. Once you have emptied the Box, it is picked up by us and returned to our storage yard. This is ideal for residential and commercial use as it doesn't require you to make trips to a facility miles away to have access to your items!

We Require 2 Forms of Payment During Signup Valid checking account is required as primary payment. Secondary payment may be credit or debit card.
Rush Delivery Available. Call for Details.

Portable Storage

  • 8 x 8'

Portable Storage

  • Portable Storage

Portable Storage

  • Portable Storage Box ,Water Tight,Insulated

Portable Storage

  • Portable Storage Box

Portable Kiosks


Portable Office


*Above pricing does not reflect initial drop-off and pick-up charges.

  • Expedited Delivery | $200 One Time Charge
  • Delivery = $75
  • Pick-up = $75
  • Transfers calculated based on the mileage of the relocation.
  • Expeditated Delivery / $200 One-time Charge

Call for Details!

Service Area: Maximum service area is limited to 35 miles from any of our locations.
Delivery Details: All deliveries will be scheduled at least 72 hours from the time that an agreement is signed. If necessary, Expedited Delivery may be added to your services. Deliveries are scheduled Monday - Friday only.

Additional mileage and transportation fees or expedition fees may be assessed if drop off or pick up requests are in excess of 10 miles (one way) of any of the Anchor Storage Solutions locations or within 72 hours notification.

Transfer fees, mileage, and transportation charges may be assessed upon a request from the customer to relocate any portable rental to an additional location other than a pick up and return back to Anchor Storage Solutions.

Prices and availability are subject to change without notice. See rental agreement for full details. If you have any questions please don't hesitate contacting us. We're here to help!

How it Works

Moving or relocating? Save some stress and pack up your belongings ahead of time, then just call us when finished & we’ll transfer your portable storage box along with your belongings to your next location* all within a timely manner. This service takes the stress out of conventional moving.
*subject to a transfer fee

The process couldn't be any simpler:

  • Reserve your Portable Storage Box today. We require 72 hours of notification to Anchor Storage Solutions for each delivery or pickup.
  • Make your first month's payment (including initial drop-off and pick-up fees)*

Leave the rest to us!
Portable Storage Boxes are rented on a monthly basis - no long-term contracts! You can, however, keep it as long as you need it!

*Mileage and transfer fees may apply depending on delivery locations and needs of the customer.

Service Area