Mobile Storage vs Self-Storage: Which Suits You Best?

Trying to figure out what to do with your stuff when you have to move, get out of a recently-sold home quick, move your business from one location to another, or even just when you need to clear out the garage can be a challenge in itself. The most common option these days is to rent a storage unit. There are, however, two different options – mobile (like PODS) or self-storage. There are some major differences between the two. Today, we’re going to give you a rundown of each one to help make your decision easier!

Mobile Storage vs Self-Storage

First, let’s define exactly what mobile storage and self-storage are.

Mobile storage is what most people refer to as “renting a POD”. You simply rent a box that’s dropped off at the location of your choosing, fill it with your items, keep it on your property (or at the storage facility’s yard), and have it picked up (empty) once you’re done.

Self-storage, on the other hand, is simply renting an empty space at a storage facility. These can be outdoor or indoor and temperature-controlled, but they are stationary and are not transported to your home/business or anywhere else. They stay at the facility and you have to make your way to the location to actually gain access to your items.

So, basically, mobile is ideal if you don’t want to or can’t make the drive to access your stuff and self-storage is ideal if you don’t mind making a trip up the road to store your items.

Anchor Storage offers both options. You can rent a standard storage unit (ours are ALL inside and temperature-controlled) at our sparkling clean facility in Conway, SC or we can fire up the Anchor Storage mobile truck and bring a box directly to you to drop off wherever you need it and you can keep it for as long as you need to.

Both options are paid monthly. Mobile storage, however, has drop-off, pick-up, and (possibly) mileage fees on top of monthly rent associated with it.

Mobile Storage Pros and Cons

Thinking about using a mobile box for your storage needs? This is an excellent option for those that want to store their furniture, excess business inventory, or other items that don’t necessarily require a temperature-controlled environment. Mobile is also ideal for anyone that doesn’t want to have to hop in the car and drive a few miles to gain access to their items.


  • No need to transport your stuff
  • Mobile storage box is readily available on your property 24/7
  • Mobile unit is delivered directly to you, can be transferred to a secondary location with ease, and is picked up by the company
  • Mobile boxes can be placed practically anywhere on your property that best suits your needs


  • Mobile storage boxes are NOT temperature-controlled
  • Drop-off and pick-up fees apply in addition to monthly rent
Anchor Mobile Storage

Self-Storage Pros and Cons

Self-storage is the more traditional approach when it comes to storing your valuables. Units are located at a designated storage facility rather than on your own property. They can, however, make for a very pleasant experience. The Anchor Storage facility, for example, is very well lit, ultra-secure, kept extremely clean, is easy to access, and you can pick-up and drop-off items at your unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Self-storage units are available in both outside and indoor, temperature-controlled environments (Anchor Self Storage spaces are 100% indoor and temperature-controlled)
  • Rent rates are very affordable
  • No additional fees are required to rent a unit at Anchor Self Storage
  • Facility is located right on Church St in Conway, SC next to Planet Fitness
  • Multiple entrances make it easy to load or unload your unit
  • Indoor storage units are free of pests, dirt, and grime


  • Travel to the facility is required to access your items
  • The tenant has to transport their own items to and from the unit

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