5 Tips to Organize Your Mobile Storage Box for Optimum Space

Renting a mobile storage unit for the first time? Utilizing a mobile box for your storage needs is a great way to secure your furniture, lawn equipment, business inventory, and more. To get the most bang for your buck, though, you have to be able to organize your items within the box well to maximize the space you get.

Below, you’ll find some great tips that’ll help you get the most out of your mobile storage container.

Stack Boxes with Style

Boxes probably seem like the simplest item to pack, but there are a few things you can do that will save you both time and space when loading boxes into your mobile unit.

  1. Keep heavier boxes at the bottom of stacks. This makes it where smaller, lighter boxes are well-supported and you won’t have to pull down a heavily-weighted box from the top of a tower which can result in struggle and possible injury.
  2. Label your boxes with a marker or label maker. This will make it much easier to locate the items you need when you need to pull something specific out of your mobile storage box later on.
  3. Put boxes you know you’ll need access to closer to the door. Doing so ensures you won’t have to pull a ton of other items out or go digging through your unit to find the box you need.

Break Down Furniture (When Possible)

If you have a table, office chair, or any other piece of furniture that is capable of being reduced in size by unscrewing legs or dismantling sections – do it. It may seem a little tedious and time-consuming, but being able to cut down on the amount of space any item takes up can go a long way. Doing so can help make room for other items, make it easier to stack larger pieces, and more.

Furniture pieces that can typically be broken down include:

  • Sectional couches
  • Kitchen tables
  • Office chairs and desks
  • Storage racks
  • Bed frames

For something like a bed, this makes a world of difference. Remove the box spring and mattress, take apart the frame, and stack the mattress vertically. Beds generally don’t take up much room when they’re situated like this.

The Sky’s The Limit

You can and should utilize every square inch of open space within your mobile storage box. Don’t be afraid to stack your stuff to the ceiling. As long as everything is well-balanced with a strong base and is well-organized, there shouldn’t be any issues with stacking up to the top of the unit.

Bubble for No Trouble

Bubble wrap, padding, packing peanuts, and other soft barriers are ideal to utilize when packing breakable or fragile items. This helps keep them securely in place and reduces the risk of anything getting damaged while in storage. This is especially important if you’re needing to have your mobile storage box transferred from one location to another after it’s packed up.

Things like dishes, glasses, TVs, artwork, porcelain figurines, glass bottles, and the like should be packed with some sort of padding to avoid breakage. You don’t want to open your storage container to find pieces of your valuables and here at Anchor Storage we don’t want to see your items get damaged either!

Take the time to properly package your fragile goods so that no mishaps occur during your storage and/or moving process.

Don’t Bag-Up Clothing

While it may seem like the fastest, easiest way to pack up clothes – bags aren’t the best of options. They’re awkward, will wrinkle your clothes, and they’re not easy to organize, either.

A better method of packing your clothing into your mobile storage unit is to utilize a wardrobe box.

These specialty boxes allow you to hang-up your clothes to keep them wrinkle-free, fresh, and far more organized. Being a box, they’re also easy to arrange and stack. This keeps your clothing from becoming a mangled mess and frees up additional space within your unit for other items to be stored.

Make sure you find a wardrobe box made of sturdy material so that the box doesn’t bend or collapse while your garments are being stored. These boxes are fairly inexpensive, save time, and make it much easier to access clothing from your container on the fly.


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